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Marlow FMOn 7th June 2012 Mark Harris co-presented his first show for Marlow FM with Mike Duckett of Coaching for Success.  Their guest was Jim Hetzel of Zebedee Internet, a local expert on Search Engine Optimisation.

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We talked about SEO in general, what it is, how & why to do it effectively, as well as how to choose an SEO provider. We also talked about why you shouldn't try to cheat Google! The final clip from the 90-minute programme talks about which is the best search engine to use.

Please do have a listen!  We tried really hard to make it entertaining as well as informative!!

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Given that the Marlow FM radio show is fortnightly, there is a risk that we could really clutter up this page with detail on each show! Please do subscribe to our blog or go to our YouTube Channel and then click on subscribe.

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