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One of the things that makes Enterprise Doctor unusual ...

is that we don't come to you with ready-made solutions.

We always feel uncomfortable about people who make cold calls telling potential clients they have a solution to the client's problem - how can you have a solution when you don't know what the problems are? The key service we offer is to explore with you where your challenges lie, what your problems are, what opportunities you have.

Diagnostic help

Diagnostic Help for BusinessOur primary offering is diagnostic help, which involves a detailed exploration of your aims and objectives, as well as how you do what you do and what could be done better or in addition to your current activities. 

Once areas for improvement are identified, we detail these in a report, along with recommended routes forward (often with more than one way to go).

You can then proceed under your own steam, but if you want us involved to manage/monitor the process or to work with you on the implementation we're happy to do that.  

Hands on help

We also offer hands-on help with sales, marketing, procedural design, people management and many other facets of running a business.  One of our key strengths is in sales.


If you want us to simply implement on your behalf solutions which have now been identified, we will do that for you where we consider we have the skills, expertise and experience required.  Where we don't rate our skills (we can't be expert at everything!) we know someone who does have the ability to help and will happily refer you to them.

Business sitting

Business SittingDo you need to leave your business unattended, but don't really want to?  We offer the service of business-sitting and can offer references from businesses for which we've already delivered this service.  

We can be very reactive - answering the phone, opening the post, dealing with simple enquiries etc - all at a very attractive daily rate assuming we can continue with our own work when not being reactive on your behalf.

We can also be quite proactive, delivering work as described in the 'Hands-on help' comments above.  For this service a mutually beneficial price will be agreed.

Website reviews

A page-by-page and structural review of your website - can you see the wood for the trees?  How does an outsider see it?

Enterprise Doctor has plenty of experience in this area, experience from which you can benefit.

Marketing & communications reviews

To whom are you trying to communicate?  Are your current communication methods effective and consistent between media?

As well as our own experience, from which you can benefit, we have access to experts in this field who can give very high quality advice, from the perspective of branding, use of social media, website format/layout and more.

Business plan analysis

Business Plan AnalysisLooking to borrow money?

Need to present your Business Plan to the Bank?

One of our Consultants has 18 years experience as a Business Banking Relationship Manager.  He knows what your Bank will be looking for and will be able to review your Business Plan as the Bank will see it and thereby improve your chances of a successful application for finance.

We can also help you to write a Business Plan from scratch or help finish your half-written plan as part of a full review of your business by the Enterprise Doctor.

Your needs

The list of business services detailed on our website is by no means exhaustive - if you want help as described above or in some other way, we're happy to listen to your needs and assess whether we can help you.

And now?

Perhaps a cunning plan would be to ...

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We help you sell more

One of our greatest strengths is in sales ... from strategy to implementation.



Enterprise Doctor regularly hosts workshops offering free business advice.



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