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Business plan analysis

Business Plan AnalysisLooking to borrow money?

Need to present your Business Plan to the Bank?

One of our Consultants has 18 years experience as a Business Banking Relationship Manager.  He knows what your Bank will be looking for and will be able to review your Business Plan as the Bank will see it and thereby improve your chances of a successful application for finance.

We can also help you to write a Business Plan from scratch or help finish your half-written plan as part of a full review of your business by the Enterprise Doctor.

Your needs

The list of business services detailed on our website is by no means exhaustive - if you want help as described above or in some other way, we're happy to listen to your needs and assess whether we can help you.

And now?

Perhaps a cunning plan would be to ...

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One of our greatest strengths is in sales ... from strategy to implementation.



Enterprise Doctor regularly hosts workshops offering free business advice.



Business funding can be hard to find ... unless you know where to look. We do!



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