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Terms & Conditions

We really don't like small print, so there is as little on this page as we think reasonable.

The objective of the page is to ensure you understand the deal you're entering into with us.

Preparatory work

There will be no charge for work leading up to your acceptance of our quotation, including the preliminary meeting.  If we feel excessive preparatory work may be required, we reserve the right to quote you a price for such work and to gain your acceptance before proceeding.


A price agreed with you and tailored to the work to be done will be quoted to you in writing before commencing a project with you.  Work will not commence until you have communicated your acceptance of the quote and of these terms & conditions.

At this time, VAT will not be added to the quoted price - this fact and any change to it will be incorporated within your quotation.

Prices within a quotation will be firm and valid for 30 days from the date of the quote.

Payment terms

Once an order has been placed with Enterprise Doctor, invoices will be issued according to the following schedule: 

  • An invoice for 50% of the contract price will be issued prior to the commencement of the schedule of work
  • Depending on the duration of the schedule of work, further interim invoices may be issued
  • An invoice for the balance will be issued upon completion of the schedule of work
  • The payment schedule will be agreed with you and confirmed in writing

Payment method

We are happy to accept cash or cheque and can accept electronic payment straight into our bank.  


The timescale within which we expect to commence and complete the agreed schedule of works will be included within the quotation.  Our best efforts will be made to stick with the timescale offered, but we can not be held responsible should matters outside our control make this impossible.  Should we have timescale issues, we commit to keeping you fully involved.


We have both Professional Liability insurance and Public Liability insurance in place, with maximum values we consider both reasonable and sensible. 

To date we have yet to claim on either insurance.

Details of both policies are available on request.  If you feel the scope or scale of these insurances are unsuitable, we are fully prepared to discuss options with you.

Our liability against any claim is limited to the scale of the relevant insurance policy.


It's not easy to offer a formal guarantee for our work!

Our priority is to complete our contract with you as a happy customer - we will go to all reasonable lengths to achieve this.  Our ideal outcome is that you are so happy that you (i) want to engage us for future work and (ii) want to write a testimonial to recommend us to other clients (see Testimonials within the menu to the left).

Should you be genuinely unhappy with the work we do for you (never happened yet!) we will work with you at no extra cost to amend the work to be acceptable.  Should this not be possible, we will consider the option of a full or partial refund should we feel such a claim is warranted. This will be based on what was promised against what was delivered.  Claims received more than 15 days after work has been completed (including appropriate reporting) will not be considered.

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